John Oliver’s Internet Misyogyny Rant is Satisfying as Hell (via Jezebel)

“Yesterday on Last Week Tonight, John Oliver devoted 16 full minutes to the topics of vicious, misogynist online harassment and revenge porn, the difficulties of stamping them out, and the absolutely unacceptable responses from authorities. The whole thing culminates in a parody of an early 90s AOL ad. It was pretty satisfying.

Oliver: “I’m talking about the kind of direct threats that can make people fear for their safety. And if you’re thinking, well, come on, that doesn’t seem like that big a problem, well congratulations on your white penis. Because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience of the Internet.” Look, dudes, it’s coming from a dude! You can believe it now!”

John Oliver Is Serious About Fighting For Women

John Oliver Is Serious About Fighting For Women

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Revenge Porn Almost Ruined Her Life, But Now She’s Saying, ‘Welcome To Our World, Jerks!’ – MTV

Revenge Porn Almost Ruined Her Life, But Now She’s Saying, ‘Welcome To Our World, Jerks!’

Revenge porn is still legal in most states and AnnMarie Chiarini is fighting to change that.
by: Kristina Marusic

We sat down with Chiarini to talk about putting an end to revenge porn, and the incredible irony of the revenge porn boss who is demanding that Google remove all of his photos and “identity related” information from searches.

Read the full article here: Revenge Porn Almost Ruined Her Life, But Now She’s Saying, ‘Welcome To Our World, Jerks!’ – MTV.

Moving Targets: On the misdirection and redirection of social attention

FTC Slaps Down Revenge Porn Peddler and Other Signs of the Beginning of the End of Revenge Porn
y Mary Anne Franks

“The Federal Trade Commission has issued a complaint and a proposed consentorder against Craig Brittain, the owner of the notorious (now defunct) revenge porn site The complaint alleges that Brittain engaged in unlawful business practices by obtaining sexually explicit material of women through misrepresentation and deceit and disseminating this material for profit. According to the terms of the settlement, Brittain must destroy all such material and is barred from distributing such material in the future without the “affirmative express consent in writing” of the individuals depicted. The FTC has effectively declared the business model of revenge porn sites to be unlawful – a tremendous vindication for the victims of non-consensual pornography. CCRI’s Carrie Goldberg provides a nice analysis of the issues here.”

Read Mary Anne Franks’ full article here: Moving Targets.

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