Who Runs Revenge Porn Site [Whozac***.com]? | Adam Steinbaugh’s

Rockstar investigator Adam Steinbaugh blows another scumbag’s cover, exposing the owner of an Australian Revenge Porn sight.

I apologize for having to publish the harsh language that is the site’s title, which is also mentioned throughout Adam’s report.

Mark Harold Stafford is a graying website designer residing in Tocumwal, a small town on the banks of the Murray River in New South Wales, Australia.  Stafford may also reside in Melboure, the capitol of Victoria — a state which has criminalized revenge porn.

Stafford is the sole proprietor of “OZWWWEB“, a web design outfit that apparently specializes in designing websites with a style that should have died with Geocities.

Stafford was, at one time, a professional pigeon racer.1 Stafford’s company, Australian Pigeon Racing Inc., sold whatever it is that pigeon racers buy through a series of websites.  Stafford eventually gave up pigeon racing after having a change of heart (and, apparently, an investigation for tax evasion involving his pigeon racing enterprise.)  On a site registered to Stafford, his writing evolved from supporting “the pigeon fancy fraternity of Australia” to bemoaning the cruelty of Australian pigeon racing and listing the “vexatious persons” who had “repeatedly defamed me […] from behind the anonymity of” various pigeon racing forums.2

Seriously, those exist.

Stafford also dabbles in photography and depicting degrading stereotypes of aboriginal Australians, but we’ll get to that in a moment.”


Read the full report via: Who Runs Revenge Porn Site Whozacunt.com? | Adam Steinbaugh’s.

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