Governor Jerry Brown signs bill outlawing revenge porn in California – Washington Post

Senate Bill 255, which takes effect immediately, makes it a misdemeanor to post identifiable nude pictures of someone else online without permission with the intent to cause emotional distress or humiliation. The penalty is up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.”

By Associated Press,October 01, 2013

Governor Jerry Brown signs bill outlawing revenge porn in California – Washington Post.

Fourth Estate : Ex lovers victimized with revenge porn

“It’s a travesty people are so cruel to release pictures and videos of those they once cared about. Just because a picture was taken and given consensually does not automatically give the right to release the image for any reason, especially for retaliation.

“Those who might think, ‘Well, you shouldn’t have taken those photos,’” said NBC News writer Suzanne Choney, “aren’t living in the real world of what has become, especially for a younger generation, a cultural, technological phenomenon as normal as tweeting and texting.”

This is absolutely true. The current generation, who were raised their whole lives with powerful technology, are not as afraid or skeptical as the generation before them. Without a fear of technology and what it can do, there is a failure to see the powerful repercussions one seemingly small decision can cause.

Revenge porn isn’t going to go away overnight and laws should be in place to protect images that are taken in private with the intention they stay private.

Regardless, if anyone thinks the pictures should never have been taken, a person shouldn’t have to suffer great emotional distress for years due to a choice made in trust, whether it was a mistake or not.”

via Fourth Estate : Ex lovers victimized with revenge porn.

Stop Revenge Porn campaign | Scottish National Party

Scottish Women’s Aid is to be commended for its innovative campaign against revenge porn.

A mini-site within the SWA main site was launched in July. Its purpose is twofold: to reinforce the fact that sharing private moments with a partner isn’t offensive – making them public without your knowledge is – and secondly to encourage more victims to come forward and tell their stories so that more people understand what is going on and just how abusive it is.”

SNP MSP highlights Stop Revenge Porn campaign | Scottish National Party.

Two cases of ‘revenge porn’ prosecuted on criminal charges

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case

“Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said if legislators would propose a bill that could protect against revenge porn, he “would seriously consider supporting it. But you need to be able to show (the texting and posting) was truly retaliatory and vindictive toward the victim.””

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case.


Man Arrested for Revenge Porn

“The intention is not fun or innocence, it is actually vengeance and vengeance is what is carrying that emotion to do something that is just absolutely wrong,” said Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong.”


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