Two cases of ‘revenge porn’ prosecuted on criminal charges

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case

“Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said if legislators would propose a bill that could protect against revenge porn, he “would seriously consider supporting it. But you need to be able to show (the texting and posting) was truly retaliatory and vindictive toward the victim.””

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case.


Man Arrested for Revenge Porn

“The intention is not fun or innocence, it is actually vengeance and vengeance is what is carrying that emotion to do something that is just absolutely wrong,” said Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong.”


TODAY: ‘Revenge porn’ victim: ‘My life was ruined’

TODAY   |  May 03, 2013

‘Revenge porn’ victim: ‘My life was ruined’

Holly Jacobs’ life was turned upside down when intimate photos she had sent her ex-boyfriend turned up online. She is now speaking out about her ordeal, hoping to alert others to the dangers of “revenge porn,” which experts say is more common than you might think.

TODAY: ‘Revenge porn’ victim: ‘My life was ruined’.

You’re pretty. A Riff. | – BWright Group, Boutique Media & PR Firm

After a brief hiatus, I’m back to blogging for my favorite Richmond business!

What is it about being called pretty that causes some women (read: my girlfriend and me) to melt into irrational puddles of swoon?

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When I was a little girl,
I would stand on my father’s feet;
he would dance me around the kitchen and sing,
we all live in a yellow submarine.

When my brother was a little boy,
we would all go swimming together.
John would jump into the deep water
from the top of my father’s shoulders.
John would jump into the water over and over.
My father would catch him again and again.

When my mother least expected it,
my father would sneak up behind her
and wrap her in a tight bear hug.
Someone took a picture of the embrace;
the photo hung on the wall of our house
for many years.

These are the memories we cling to
as we navigate this new world without
our Frank. Our daddy. Our papa.
Some memories will make us laugh,
others will make us cry
but all will do the job of
keeping him alive.

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