It’s a bill! – HB 8 – And it’s on the schedule!

I realize this information will reveal a lot about me; however, it feels like the time to break my anonymity.

While I haven’t heard anything official about testifying, a search of the Maryland General Assembly’s website gave me the good news I’ve been waiting for – the draft bill I submitted and have been working to revise with a bill writer has been officially made a bill and has been given a number. It is on the scheduled to go before the Judiciary committee on 19 January.  To say I am astounded would be a gross understatement.  This is really happening. I made this happen. Wow.

HB 8

Delegate Washington


Changing the prohibition against using electronic mail with the intent to harass to prohibit engaging in electronic communication with the intent to harass; changing the defined term “electronic mail” to “electronic communication” and altering the definition; and establishing penalties for a second or subsequent violation of the Act.

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2012 CR, § 3-805 – amended Assigned to: Judiciary


                                  1:00 P.M.

  HB 4      Del Cardin, et    Baltimore County - Orphans' Court Judges -
            al                Qualifications
  HB 8 Del Washington Crimes - Electronic Communication - Harassment
  HB 39     Del Smigiel       State and Local Govt - Officials and General
                              Assembly Mbrs - Legislative Privilege Exception

  NOTE:  To Be Announced.
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