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To have your pictures or videos taken down


DMCA.com Protection Status

“My ex boyfriend (ex girlfriend) posted my private photos (or videos) on a website without my permission?
We have handled many DMCA Takedown cases in which private personal photos and/or videos were posted on the internet andDMCA .com was successful at getting them removed every single time. If this has happened to you we can help. DMCA .com has been successful at getting this kind of infringement taken down from many websites on the internet. Or maybe someone gained access (stole) to your email, computer files, Handycam or camera and published personal content on the internet without your permission. DMCA .com can get them removed.”




Paths to justice for survivors of online harassment

Without My Consent is a non-profit organization seeking to combat online invasions of privacy. The resources found here are intended to empower individuals to stand up for their privacy rights and inspire meaningful debate about the internet, accountability, free speech, and the serious problem of online invasions of privacy.



End Revenge Porn is a campaign organized by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative to provide support and advocacy for victims of revenge porn, or people whose intimate photographs and/or videos have been disseminated on the Internet without their consent.



The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) seeks to answer that call for a legal and educational response to cyber harassment. We are a non-profit organization engaging in advocacy work through the development of individual campaigns meant to target specific cyber harassment issues.  

CCRI’s mission is to help victims of cyber harassment by:

Raising societal awareness about the nature and prevalence of online harassment.

Promoting state and federal legislation to protect against such abuse, when appropriate.

Providing a platform for emotional and moral support for victims.

Discovering and vetting resources for those struggling to combat their own circumstances.



Women Against Revenge Porn: For Victims of Unauthorized Online Intimate Photo Publication



Army of She was founded by a group of revenge porn victims in Texas.


Before you become a victim, or once you’ve discovered your intimate images have been posted online, have all pictures and videos of you copyrighted in your name as your intellectual property.

This is the first, vital step to protecting yourself now and in the future.

Visit the U.S. Copyright Office’s website:


This link provides step-by-step instructions on copyrighting your images:



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