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It’s vindictive, cruel, and if one Maryland lawmaker has it his way it will soon be illegal.

“We are taking about “revenge porn.” It’s the act of publishing compromising and intimate pictures of a former significant other for no other reason than to get back at them.

WUSA9’s Ken Molestina reports it happens more than you might think and now Maryland delegate Jon Cardin is out to stop it.

The sites aren’t hard to find. A simple google search for revenge porn will give you several internet options where angry ex’s can post mostly nude and intimate photos of their previous loved ones for the world to see. The idea is they are getting revenge on someone they believe wronged them. 

“I was very afraid to leave the house. I went on medical leave from work for 3 months,” Annmarie Chiarini tells us an ex-boyfriend targeted her after a rough break up, and decided revenge porn was the way for him to even the score. She says among other things he tried selling her intimate photos on e-bay, and he sent copies of those same pictures to her employer. 
“It’s absolutely terrifying. I mean certainly it’s embarrassing, and with crimes of a sexual nature there is always a certain amount of shame involved.”

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ABC7 Video

Revenge porn legislation introduced

Follow this link to the broadcast from the October 2013 press conference:


Fighting Revenge porn


By Rebecca Cooper
Click here to watch the November 7th broadcast on WJLA News7:

Al Jazeera

America Tonight

By Adam May

Watch part one of the the interview here:

And part two here:


Revenge Porn Victims Get Little Help from Law

‘Revenge Porn,’ the practice of posting explicit images without the person’s consent, is flourishing on the largely unregulated internet. Now victims are banding together trying to change that.
Nov 15, 2013

Follow this link to watch the video:!/news/national-international/Revenge-Porn-Victims-Get-Little-Help-from-Law/232084211



By Linh Bui

Towson Woman Fighting Back After She’s Exposed Through ‘Revenge Porn’

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TV Brasil
Caminhos Da Reportagem

Crime na rede: intimidade compartilhada
(Crime on the network: shared intimacy)

Full program:

My segment:


Life After Digital

How does digital technology and social media impact the way we experience our lives? In a world of ubiquitous smartphones, tablets and illuminated screens where billions of personal images have been shared online, our collective desire to share our lives on social networks may have unintended consequences that we are only just beginning to understand. “Life After Digital” examines the end of privacy, cyberbullying, digital revenge and a new generation of facial recognition technologies that effectively turn the face of every social media user into a barcode.

View the preview:

Filmmaker Marc de Guerre talks about his film “Life After Digital”. The film is a look at the impact of the World Wide Web 20 years after its introduction to society.

View the Director’s Comments: or

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