Moving Targets: On the misdirection and redirection of social attention

FTC Slaps Down Revenge Porn Peddler and Other Signs of the Beginning of the End of Revenge Porn
y Mary Anne Franks

“The Federal Trade Commission has issued a complaint and a proposed consentorder against Craig Brittain, the owner of the notorious (now defunct) revenge porn site The complaint alleges that Brittain engaged in unlawful business practices by obtaining sexually explicit material of women through misrepresentation and deceit and disseminating this material for profit. According to the terms of the settlement, Brittain must destroy all such material and is barred from distributing such material in the future without the “affirmative express consent in writing” of the individuals depicted. The FTC has effectively declared the business model of revenge porn sites to be unlawful – a tremendous vindication for the victims of non-consensual pornography. CCRI’s Carrie Goldberg provides a nice analysis of the issues here.”

Read Mary Anne Franks’ full article here: Moving Targets.

Life After Digital | Future Now

The documentary, Life After Digital, that I was invited to participate in will be aired tomorrow.

“Life After Digital is a one-hour documentary about the ways digital technology has changed human life in the last few years. Directed by Marc de Guerre, Life After Digital has its world broadcast premiere on TVO, Wednesday, October 15th at 9 pm and 12 midnight (EST).

Life After Digital re-airs on the following dates and times:
* Sunday, October 19 at 11 pm (EST)
* Monday, October 20 at 10 pm (EST)
* Thursday, October 23 at 12 midnight (EST)”

Learn more about the film and watch the trailer via: Life After Digital | Future Now.

Connected to the film will be a new digital project called Future Now, a website designed to showcase the knowledge and expertise found in the TVO documentary projects, Life After Digital (

Future Now will feature new content each week that draws from the interviews and issues addressed in the documentaries. They will be tweeting some of the highlights, mentioning documentary participants where appropriate. They have invited participants to retweet, or even join in the broader discussion, perhaps arguing where they are wrong, and got the issue out of context, or where further elaboration is desired. They will be using the hashtag #TVOFutureNow and will mention specific twitter handles where appropriate.

Otter signs … revenge porn law, more – Eye On Boise – – March 20, 2014

Add Idaho to the list of states with a Revenge Porn bill on the books!

Otter signs safe boating act amendments, HOA limits, Epi-Pen bill, anti-gun-seizure bill, revenge porn law, more – Eye On Boise – – March 20, 2014.

Read House Bill 563 text via:

California and the Nation – Happy Belated Valentine’s Day—Alleged Revenge Porn Operator Arrested – Ca – News

Three down…

“Meyering was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by agents with the California Department of Justice’s eCrime Unit, the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety and the Tulsa Police Department, and was charged with five felony counts of extortion.

“This behavior is the very definition of predatory and this website made a game out of humiliating victims for profit,” Attorney General Harris said. California is trying to extradite him.”


Read the full article here: California and the Nation – Happy Belated Valentine’s Day—Alleged Revenge Porn Operator Arrested – Ca – News.

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