Victims Push Laws to End Online Revenge Posts

From an article in The New York Times by Erica Goode:

“And some experts, like Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University, have said that any state law would be vulnerable to First Amendment challenges. 

But Eugene Volokh, a First Amendment scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, said he saw no constitutional obstacle to a law written narrowly to address naked or sexual images distributed without permission. 

“I think that’s a kind of invasion of privacy that the courts would say can be prohibited,” he said. 

An example of what such a law might look like has been drafted by a law professor at the University of Miami, Mary Anne Franks, and posted on the website, founded by Jacobs.” Announces Solution Fighting Revenge Porn

Until revenge porn is criminalized, this is an option for victims to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, it is an expensive service. The FAQ page states, “Our services start at $399 and go up to $1,000,000 and more.” This is for the initial package, a one-time clean up. They do offer month to month services, but do not quote a price on their site. Announces Solution Fighting Revenge Porn – Press Release – Digital Journal.

“The solution is different. Victims can simply contact the company, outlining where their photos appear, and the tech team will quickly and efficiently wipe those photos from the sites in question. The team will also ensure that the Google “cache” is cleared, so the photos will not appear in thumbnail form on a search for the person’s name. The service is up and running now, and it will stay in place, regardless of the outcome in California.”

Posting nude photos of lovers online: What manner of revenge?

A fascinating look at revenge porn through another country’s eyes.

“The first common case of nude picture was in August 2006, involving an actress, Anita Hogan, whose pictures were splashed on the cover of an evening newspaper after being found on the internet. The pictures showed her in a flip of romance with a “white man” who was stark naked, thus generating a lot of criticisms.

The lady, who wept profusely, claiming that her reputation and career had been damaged in her defence, said the “white man” was her fiancée and they were just having fun and fooling around with the camera and that they downloaded their lurid pictures onto her laptop. Anita had added that her laptop crashed and was taken for repairs, saying the pictures got into the wrong hands. She further stated that the pictures had been used to blackmail her.

This was the advent of “revenge porn” in Nigeria, and it has since been a major issue that crops up frequently. “Revenge porn”, in simple terms, is the act of downloading nude pictures or sex videos of former lovers on the internet to humiliate and degrade such women sexually and professionally.”


Posting nude photos of lovers online: What manner of revenge?.

Two cases of ‘revenge porn’ prosecuted on criminal charges

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case

“Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings said if legislators would propose a bill that could protect against revenge porn, he “would seriously consider supporting it. But you need to be able to show (the texting and posting) was truly retaliatory and vindictive toward the victim.””

Davis County prosecuting first ‘revenge porn’ criminal case.


Man Arrested for Revenge Porn

“The intention is not fun or innocence, it is actually vengeance and vengeance is what is carrying that emotion to do something that is just absolutely wrong,” said Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong.”


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