Will Nevada Join States That Ban Revenge Porn? | KNPR

Hi all,

After the tremendous success in seeing legislation criminalizing Revenge Porn passed in Maryland, I took a much-needed media/posting/writing hiatus.

I have returned and had the pleasure of speaking on KNPR’s State of Nevada radio show to discuss the issue of Revenge Porn legislation in Nevada.

One of the guests was a Nevada attorney who violently opposes the efforts of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, stooping so low as to call us a bunch of angry women with dumb ideas. As well, he claimed to support victims – even going to far as to say he took on their emotions, yet very adamantly stated that if revenge porn is criminalized in Nevada, he will provide defense for the perpetrators, the people who post the images without consent with the intent to destroy lives.

Take a moment to listen to the show and post a comment – we’d love to hear your views on Revenge Porn criminalization.

“The story usually goes like this. A woman sends a nude photo of herself to her boyfriend, imagining that the image will stay private. Time goes on, the romance disintegrates and the woman ends the relationship.

The man, outraged at having been jilted, then takes the intimate photos and posts them on a porn website. Or maybe he emails them to the woman’s employer. Maybe he tries to auction them on ebay.”

Listen to the State of Nevada radio show via this link:

Will Nevada Join States That Ban Revenge Porn? | KNPR.

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