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Tune in to Midday with Dan Rodricks at 1:30 pm today. We will be discussing Internet Harassment and the new Revenge Porn bill that is moving through the Senate here in Maryland.

Follow this link for a link to the live stream of the broadcast: Midday with Dan Rodricks | Yesterday | WYPR.

Your innermost secrets could go viral in seconds –

“Ireland had never experienced anything like the phenomenon before.

Three separate incidents went global overnight, destroying the privacy of the people involved. There was nowhere for them to hide from the online explosion. Their names, faces, addresses and phone numbers spread rapidly along with graphic sexually explicit pictures. And all of this multiplied before their eyes.”

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Otter signs … revenge porn law, more – Eye On Boise – – March 20, 2014

Add Idaho to the list of states with a Revenge Porn bill on the books!

Otter signs safe boating act amendments, HOA limits, Epi-Pen bill, anti-gun-seizure bill, revenge porn law, more – Eye On Boise – – March 20, 2014.

Read House Bill 563 text via:

Intimate revenge video puts Swede behind bars – The Local

“Sweden has struggled with the new “revenge porn” trend, in which one person sets out on purpose to degrade or embarrass a former partner by publishing videos or images of their sexual contact. 

Swedish psychologists have said the behaviour was a way to express power, as well as to deal with negative feelings. The trend is also common among the younger generation.

“The times that I’ve encountered this, it’s been about disappointment, revenge, and jealousy from the boy’s side,”  Olof Risberg, psychologist at the boys’ mental health clinic Pojkmottagningen in Stockholm, told the Aftonbladet newspaper earlier this year.

“But it’s also about power. There is power in exacting revenge.”


Read the full article via: Intimate revenge video puts Swede behind bars – The Local.

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