I Heart Revenge Porn: New York Fails Its First Case – The Daily Beast

“Ian Barber failed his girlfriend’s trust and then New York State failed to protect her. She has been made to suffer twice. The first was on July 26, 2013, when Barber decided to tweet naked photos of her and to share those photos with her sister and her employer. The second was on Feb. 19 when a New York judge dismissed all criminal charges against Barber.

In New York’s first revenge porn case, Judge Steven M. Statsinger ruled that Barber’s behavior “while reprehensible, does not violate any of the criminal statues under which he is charged.”  The three charges against him were: aggravated harassment, dissemination of an unlawful surveillance image, and public display of offensive sexual material.

Reading through Judge Statsinger’s decision reveals why New York and, for that matter, every state is in desperate need of adequate revenge porn legislation. The current legal system does not sufficiently handle modern forms of cyber harassment, nor make allowances for the realities of modern dating and courtship.”

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‘Revenge porn’ could mean jail time in Md. | WJLA.com

“Posting nude photos of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend online may soon land you behind bars in the state of Maryland. House of Delegates are voting this week on whether to make “revenge porn” a crime. The bill may then head to the state senate.

“There was a lot of shame and embarrassment,” said victim Annmarie Chiarini. “I did not choose to have my sexuality broadcast.”

She’s calling for change after a bitter breakup nearly destroyed her life when an ex-boyfriend auctioned off a CD of nude photos of her on eBay. The single mother of two and respected English professor in Maryland was humiliated.

“I was just absolutely shocked that someone who I had trusted so much would betray me such a vile and vicious manner,” she said.

Chiarini’s sense of safety shattered when her former lover then posted the racy photos he promised were for his eyes only, on a pornography website.

“The danger became really real at that point,” she admitted.

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Salon Article – Doxxing Internt Babes: “She Wanted It”

“Doxxing is the Internet’s ultimate form of slut-shaming – and, as this latest case shows, it doesn’t just happen to women who have taken a naked photo of themselves. All it requires is being a woman on the Internet. Whether it’s the outing of an unwitting Olympic volunteer or the doxxing of a woman who dares to anonymously volunteer herself as masturbation material, there is a common theme here and it’s a sense of sexual entitlement. It’s the belief — conscious or not — that women’s bodies, their identities, do not belong to them. It’s the double-edged sword of sexual desirability: You become more of a woman — but less of a human.”

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Revenge porn: What would you do if your ex posted naked photos of you online? – Telegraph

A powerful advocate in the UK who joined the fight to End Revenge Porn

“…Heather Robertson, 23, has decided [the revenge porn laws] must change. The final year law student at York University has begun a campaign called ‘Ban Revenge Porn’, pushing the UK government to legislate to recognise revenge porn as a sexual crime. At the moment it can only be challenged by civil claims such as those mentioned above.”

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