Another Brave Woman Speaks Out

Kick ass, Nicole! 

“RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – There is a sexually explicit video of Virginia nursing student Nicole Coon online and she is not ashamed to tell people about it.

Coon, 25, said the video she sent to an old boyfriend appeared online around Thanksgiving.

“It blows my mind,” she said about websites that post sexually explicit photos and videos of people against their will — revenge porn.”

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“Del. Marcus Simon, D-Fairfax, wants to make it a crime to disseminate or sell sexually explicit pictures of someone without their permission and with the intent to cause substantial emotional distress.

Such instances can include so-called revenge porn, when an ex posts or shares pictures of someone after a break up, a practice that California recently outlawed.

“One of the … reasons that we put the bill out there is not just to punish the people that do this but really it hopefully deters this behavior,” Simon told reporters Tuesday. “So I don’t know how angry you are with your ex but is it worth risking up to a year in prison to post that picture …””

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“Last Thanksgiving was stressful for Staunton’s Nicole Coon in a way that had nothing to do with a hectic holiday.

Days after the holiday, the 25-year old woman discovered intimate pictures and video of her had been posted online without her knowledge or consent.

“It was very disturbing,” she recalled.

Also disturbing, Coon noted, was realizing it would cost $500 to get the pictures removed and police couldn’t help her because Virginia law doesn’t specifically address those situations.

Freshman Del. Marcus Simon hopes to change that with his HB 49.”

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