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On Friday, January 31st at 11pm, WJZ13/CBS Baltimore will air my interview with the awesome and exceptional, Linh Bui. We discussed the new legislation to criminalize revenge porn in Maryland and other nuggets of goodness. The interview will also air on Monday, February 3rd during the 6am and 6pm news. 

State Lawmakers Urged To Pass Revenge Porn Bill – WBFF FoxBaltimore – Top Stories

“Legislators are comparing two bills that would make it a crime to take revenge on an ex-lover by posting their nude photos on the Internet — a practice known as “revenge porn.”

For now, victims have no legal recourse, unless they find a way to sue for something like invasion of privacy, Del. Luiz Simmons told a House committee Tuesday. And without money to pay up front, it can be hard getting an attorney to take such a case.

Simmons’ bill makes revenge porn a misdemeanor with a one-year jail term and a $500 fine. Del. Jon Cardin’s similar bill makes it a felony with a five-year maximum and a $25,000 fine.”

Watch the interview here: State Lawmakers Urged To Pass Revenge Porn Bill – WBFF FoxBaltimore – Top Stories.



A pro-con debate about revenge porn legislation

A case for:

“Crimes of a sexual nature come with heaping doses of victim blaming. At the least the victim is pummeled with questions like, “What were you thinking? Are you stupid? Why would you do that?” At its worst, victims are shunned by family, ostracized from social circles, fired from jobs and even kicked out of college.

But what about the perpetrators? What happens to them?

Nothing. They get to carry on with their lives, smug in the knowledge that they got the revenge they sought.

Perpetrators of revenge porn have the support of the states in which they reside because their behavior is not considered criminal. Legislators give these beasts the golden ticket to ruin lives while scorning victims for being stupid.”

A case against:

“Because criminal laws addressing this phenomenon target the sharing of lawful images – expression protected by the First Amendment – they must be carefully crafted to avoid chilling lawful and everyday Internet activity and narrowly targeted to the particular harm that is intended to be addressed. In order to pass constitutional muster, five principles must be adhered to. First, the law must require proof of an intent to cause harm. Second, the law must require that actual harm be caused. Third, the law must apply only to the person in the relationship who violated an understanding of confidentiality regarding the images, not third party recipients who further disseminate the images. Fourth, the statute must clearly and narrowly define what images will create criminal liability. Fifth, there must be an exception for depictions related to matters of public concern.”


The articles start on page 10. This link will lead you to the full Summit 2014 edition of the Daily Record


Maryland woman urges state lawmakers to outlaw ‘revenge porn’

Maryland woman urges state lawmakers to outlaw ‘revenge porn’

read the article here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/maryland-woman-urges-state-lawmakers-to-outlaw-revenge-porn/2014/01/29/3e4144ee-88e9-11e3-833c-33098f9e5267_story.html

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