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What Web Hosts Can Do About Revenge Porn – Web Host Industry Review

Excellent advice about how to get pictures down from a site.

“Using DMCA Requests to Takedown Revenge PornSince the copyright for a photo by default belongs to whomever took the photo, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is the mechanism that allowed Laws to request the takedown of the photos.

The DMCA requires online publishers to take down copyrighted works at the request of copyright holders. Of course, it’s not unusual for revenge porn sites owner to disregard DMCA takedown requests. In such cases, one can go above their heads by providing the site’s upstream providers with takedown requests.

When Laws’ attorney served Black Lotus with a DMCA complaint, Black Lotus was able to block the content in its proxy, essentially making the content inaccessible – at least mostly.

“Blocking the content was effective because it was made very clear to our customer that any attempt to circumvent this measure would result in termination of service,” says Lyon. “I am told that the content eventually found its way to other sites hosted outside of Black Lotus, but this is unfortunately outside our control.”

Despite its flaws, those trying to control the spread of photos they took should issue DMCA takedown notices to sites showing the image, as well as to Google, whose search index provides an easy way to find this media. There are even services such as that will send notices for a fee. Service providers usually need to see a DMCA request in order to block or remove a client’s media.”

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What Web Hosts Can Do About Revenge Porn – Web Host Industry Review.

‘Revenge Porn’ Could Be Outlawed Under New State Bill – Centreville, VA Patch

House Bill 49, pre-filed on Tuesday, would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor for anyone in Virginia to share or sell nude or sexually explicit photos or videos of another person with the intent to cause “substantial emotional distress.”

Conviction would carry a penalty of up to a year in jail, up to a $2,500 fine, or both.

“It’s probably enough to get somebody who is feeling hurt or vindictive to think twice about it,” state Del.-elect Marcus Simon, who filed the bill, told Patch. Simon’s district includes much of Falls Church, along with the Pimmit Hills and Merrifield areas of Fairfax County.

The idea is to curb the use of images or videos taken during a romantic relationship to harass someone after the relationship has ended, particularly online. The practice is sometimes defended as speech protected by the First Amendment.

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via ‘Revenge Porn’ Could Be Outlawed Under New State Bill – Government – Centreville, VA Patch.

Taking a Stand against Revenge Porn and Internet Exploitation in the Digital Age — Everyday Feminism

An excellent article by Danica Johnson!

“Sometimes revenge porn doesn’t include personal information or naked photos – but it can still be damaging. I know – from personal experience.

A few summers ago, on the way home from a fantastic beach vacation with a group of close friends, I got a call that broke my heart.”


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Taking a Stand against Revenge Porn and Internet Exploitation in the Digital Age — Everyday Feminism.

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