Al Jazeera America Tonight “Harassed online: What can you do?”

““I will destroy you” were the last words Annmarie Chiarini’s ex-boyfriend said to her, before he put a CD of 88 naked photos of her up for auction on eBay. Fourteen months later, the 42-year-old single mom received an anonymous email directing her to a profile on a porn site where she found the nude pictures, her full name, the college where she works and a solicitation for sex. The ex-boyfriend then put the images on a DVD and mailed copies to Chiarini’s boss, her parents and her son’s elementary school teacher.”

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Australian state outlaws revenge porn

“South Eastern Australian state, Victoria, has become the first to make ‘revenge-porn’ illegal, by modifying existing sexting laws, making it against the law to publish nude pictures of someone without their consent. The hope is that this will help stop jilted lovers attempting to humiliate their ex-partners.

The new law that will be brought together with existing legislation, will make it an offence to take part in “non-consensual sexting,” thereby making it illegal to deliberately send naked pictures of someone that isn’t yourself. However, caveats have been added to make sure that children who are caught out by the law are not also hit with child pornography charges.”


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Australian state outlaws revenge porn | KitGuru.


In memory of Frank Chiarini
7/25/33 – 12/13/12

When I was a little girl,
I would stand on my father’s feet;
he would dance me around the kitchen and sing,
We all live in a yellow submarine.

When my brother was a little boy,
we would all go swimming together.
John would jump into the deep water
from the top of my father’s shoulders.
John would jump into the water over and over.
My father would catch him again and again.

When my mother least expected it,
my father would sneak up behind her
and wrap her in a tight bear hug.
Someone took a picture of the embrace;
the photo hung on the wall of our house
for many years.

These are the memories we cling to
as we navigate this new world without
Our Frank. Our daddy. Our papa.
Some memories will make us laugh,
others will make us cry
but all will do the job of
keeping him alive.

It doesn’t get easier: It gets different.

Suburban mom runs revenge porn site


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