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Ms. Chiarini:
Wouldn’t it be better and simpler if the culture of this country gave it up?  I mean calling people wearing their birthday suits or posing in suggestive ways PORN is a bit much.  It all starts when children go from being happy to parade around naked to being told to cover up.  Female breasts are the subject of censorship.  Nursing mothers have had to fight for the right to breast feed in public.
Sometime ago I had a medical procedure done at a hospital.  Was told to disrobe and put on one of those gowns with the back open.  Then, was told to follow the nurse to the examination room.  Noticing that I hadn’t done the best job closing up the back of the gown I was scolded by the nurse.  Huh?
There are  billions of people on the planet and they all have either Earth Space Suit A or Earth Space Suit B.   Show me what you’ve got and I’ll show me mine is like picking up a grain of sand and declaring it unique except for the trillions of other grains of sand.
Every generation believes they invented sex.  Older people are often asked if they ever did so and so.  Huh?
There is nothing new under the Sun.
Honestly, I don’t get the uproar over what took place in your life.  Do you have something unique your clothes cover up?  Have you engaged in some form of physical or sexual activity which is a first?  Hmmm.
European attitudes toward nudity are much healthier than what is found in this country.
Suppose you had reacted differently to what was allegedly done to you?  I think the world would have been better off.
As for me, I have learned more as an older person than I ever knew as a young person.  The female anatomy is not a subject taught.  It should be.  Males are ignorant about so much as a group.  Even females are not fully informed about the space suit they are wearing.
Getting pregnant, giving birth, etc. are just poorly understood.  The age 17 is supposedly the average age for females to lose their virginity.  We both know under what circumstances most of that took place.  Not good and not healthy.
Bottom line is I wish you had an agenda and a campaign that was more adult and enlightened.
W.R. (S–) T–
Married Man of 47 years and still learning about life


Thank you for your feedback and your insights.
Perhaps my agenda would be more adult and enlightened if it didn’t have to address childish behaviors. What we are looking at is not an issue of nudity, porn, or sexuality. It is an issue of betrayal and the desire to hurt and shame. The perpetrators seek to accomplish one thing – to destroy – and they do so by pitching a hissy fit on the Internet. Fueling this is the certainty that they will be successful because they have the moral majority on their sides.
As you noted, most of society views sexuality as a dirty, naughty, subversive thing that should never, ever be revealed or brought into the light. That overriding Puritanical attitude is what causes the damage to victims – they are fired from jobs for being sexual; they are stalked and threatened for being sexual; they lose the respect of family and friends for being sexual.
Regardless of how a victim reacted, he or she would still be looked upon as a pariah. A dirty, sexual misfit who should be locked in a dark room to dwell with the shame of having a libido.
And yes…it would be very much so incredibly better and simpler if the culture of this country just gave it up.
Maybe one day they will.
Until then, I’m going to continue to reach out to the pariah and let him or her know that there are some people who get it and they can fight those who don’t.
Yours in the pursuit of healthy sexual attitudes,

Sign the petition to add your name in support of Maryland’s Revenge Porn bill

“Cyber Sexual Assault, also known as “revenge porn” is when a person distributes explicit photographs and video of someone without their consent.

In this rapidly changing world, the humiliation and anguish that women suffer from sexual harassment and assault are moving online.  We need to recognize that vindictive people do not only torment their victims through harassing phone calls or stalking any longer — they’re releasing privately shared and sexually explicit pictures onto public websites specifically designed for vengeful purposes or to humiliate their exes.  No one deserves to be treated this way and predators should not have the right to use the internet to ruin someone else’s life.”

 Click here to sign the petition:


‘Revenge porn’ victims press for new laws

The Big Story



By Anne Flaherty

“An increasing number of states, including Maryland, Wisconsin and New York, are considering whether to make it illegal to post any sexually explicit image online without that person’s permission. But groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation say they worry such proposals run afoul of the First Amendment.

“We generally don’t think that finding more ways to put people in prison for speech is a good thing,” said Adi Kamdar, an activist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. “A lot of times, these laws — if they aren’t narrowly focused enough — they can be interpreted too broadly.”

Mary Anne Franks, a law professor at the University of Miami who is helping states draft revenge porn laws, counters that sharing a nude picture with another person implies limited consent similar to other business transactions.

“If you give your credit card to a waiter, you aren’t giving him permission to buy a yacht,” Franks said.”


Read the full article:

‘Revenge porn’ victims press for new laws.

State lawmakers pass Internet privacy, revenge porn bills

Making progress in Wisconsin!

“Also Tuesday, the Assembly approved its bill criminalizing revenge porn, with supporters saying they wanted Wisconsin to become the third state to take that stand. The measure passed on a voice vote with little dissent.

The bill is meant to curb people from posting photos or videos of their former partners after a relationship goes sour. Once explicit images have been posted on the Internet, they can be all but impossible to remove because they are quickly copied and posted on an array of websites.

“Once its on the Internet, its there forever, ” Vos said.  “You cant really take it back.”

California and New Jersey are the only states to ban revenge porn, said the bills sponsor, Rep. John Spiros R-Marshfield. New Jerseys ban has been on the books for about a decade, while California recently passed its law.”

via State lawmakers pass Internet privacy, revenge porn bills.

From the Associated Press:

“MADISON, Wis.—The state Assembly overwhelmingly passed a Republican proposal Tuesday that would outlaw the posting of revenge porn, moving Wisconsin closer to becoming the third state in the country to crack down on ex-lovers spreading nude pictures of each other.

Revenge porn refers to the practice of jilted lovers posting naked pictures of their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends online in an effort to embarrass them or cost them a job.”


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