Interview on WUSA 9 tonight at 11

Tune in to WUSA channel 9 tonight at 11, for an interview with Del Cardin and me about the proposed Maryland legislation. 

CBS News Radio Interview

Be sure to tune into CBS news radio tomorrow morning.

The national hourly newscasts will feature an interview with me discussing the proposed Maryland revenge porn legislation and the efforts of the CCRI in the anti-revenge porn movement. 

Cardin proposes criminalizing ‘revenge porn’ –

“Del. Jon Cardin wants to make “revenge porn” a felony that could result in a five-year prison term for posting compromising pictures of an ex-lover on the Internet

The Baltimore County Democrat plans to release details of his new bill Wednesday. If approved, the proposal would place Maryland among a handful of states with tougher laws for jilted exes who distribute sexually explicit photos online without consent.

While most states, including Maryland, already have laws on the books against cyber-harassment, only two — California and New Jersey — have enacted tougher standards that criminalize “revenge porn.””


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Cardin proposes criminalizing ‘revenge porn’ –

Cardin Proposes Criminalization of Revenge Porn | Eye on Annapolis

The first of what will be many articles about Maryland’s proposed legislation.

Del. Jon Cardin, D-Baltimore County, is expected to announce on Wednesday that he is sponsoring a bill to make the nonconsensual release of sexually explicit photographs and videos a felony in Maryland.” 

Read the full article here:

Cardin Proposes Criminalization of Revenge Porn | Eye on Annapolis.

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