Op Ed in the Baltimore Sun

A beautifully written Op Ed Piece by Susan Reimer:


“In fact, the law is aimed at the behavior of a particular group — Millennials who are open to exploring their sexuality with the aid of a cell phone camera, and who can reap the whirlwind if the relationship goes south. While the proponents hope the law will be a deterrent to posting those pictures in revenge, I am hoping this whole conversation will be a deterrent to taking them and sharing them in the first place. Find another way to stoke the fires of passion, people.

This point of view puts me dangerously close to blaming the victim, a young women caught in a nightmare that has caused some to consider suicide and others to act on that impulse. But we should be telling our daughters and our young women friends that they can’t count on the police, the courts or the legislature to protect them from the consequences of their own poor judgment.

Not because they don’t deserve that protection. They do. But because they should not be putting the tools to wound them so horribly into the hands of someone else in the generally unjustified hope that the state will have their back, no matter how safe and committed a relationship they believed themselves to be in.

The future is unknown and photos unleashed on the Internet can never be retrieved. And few are as vulnerable as those who love or as unpredictable as those who have loved and lost.

Have this conversation with the young women in your life.”
Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-reimer-revenge-porn-20131030-7,0,6713438.column#ixzz2jIrAB02B





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