Press Conference Remarks

Law enforcement officials are charged with the duty to serve and protect. However, they can only do so as the laws within the sate they are employed will allow.

When I was a target of revenge porn, the anguish I felt over being betrayed, exposed, and put in danger was multiplied every time I was told, “There’s nothing we can do. No crime has been committed.” 

I decided to become an advocate and activist when a state trooper who worked my case explained the limits of the Maryland laws to me. I was frustrated and blurted out, “Well, then I’m going to change the laws.”

His reply was, “Annmarie, if you can do that, it would make my job a lot easier.”

So I set out to keep my word to the trooper who was so kind to me in the midst of my ordeal and wanted to, as he put it, “nail this guy to the wall for what he did to you.”

He was the first law enforcement official I encountered who showed genuine compassion. I credit that as much to his character as I do to his understanding of the laws and their limits.

There is no reason why victims of revenge porn should have their suffering exasperated by inadequate legislation that does not allow the local and state law enforcement officials to do their jobs well.  To protect and serve.

This legislation does not simply criminalize hurt feelings. It does not attack First Amendment rights. It is not a waste of the courts time, it is not an excuse for women who made stupid mistakes, and not just a bunch of feminist nonsense.

It is the state’s duty to see to it that their hired law enforcement officials are given the means to do their jobs. Enacting legislation that criminalizes nonconsensual pornography keeps the promise of the state that its citizens will certainly be protected and served. 

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