Posting nude photos of lovers online: What manner of revenge?

A fascinating look at revenge porn through another country’s eyes.

“The first common case of nude picture was in August 2006, involving an actress, Anita Hogan, whose pictures were splashed on the cover of an evening newspaper after being found on the internet. The pictures showed her in a flip of romance with a “white man” who was stark naked, thus generating a lot of criticisms.

The lady, who wept profusely, claiming that her reputation and career had been damaged in her defence, said the “white man” was her fiancée and they were just having fun and fooling around with the camera and that they downloaded their lurid pictures onto her laptop. Anita had added that her laptop crashed and was taken for repairs, saying the pictures got into the wrong hands. She further stated that the pictures had been used to blackmail her.

This was the advent of “revenge porn” in Nigeria, and it has since been a major issue that crops up frequently. “Revenge porn”, in simple terms, is the act of downloading nude pictures or sex videos of former lovers on the internet to humiliate and degrade such women sexually and professionally.”


Posting nude photos of lovers online: What manner of revenge?.

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