Thank you, New Jersey!

New Jersey has passed a law that makes it illegal for perpetrators to post unauthorized intimate photos of women.

It is a third degree criminal offense, which means that the perpetrator can be sentenced to 3-5 years in prison and can be fined up to $15,000. 

Thank you, New Jersey! | Delia Venditti. Tell the truth about your life and split the world open..

You’re pretty. A Riff. | – BWright Group, Boutique Media & PR Firm

After a brief hiatus, I’m back to blogging for my favorite Richmond business!

What is it about being called pretty that causes some women (read: my girlfriend and me) to melt into irrational puddles of swoon?

Read more…You’re pretty. A Riff. | – BWright Group, Boutique Media & PR Firm, Richmond, VA.


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