It’s a bill! – HB 8 – And it’s on the schedule!

I realize this information will reveal a lot about me; however, it feels like the time to break my anonymity.

While I haven’t heard anything official about testifying, a search of the Maryland General Assembly’s website gave me the good news I’ve been waiting for – the draft bill I submitted and have been working to revise with a bill writer has been officially made a bill and has been given a number. It is on the scheduled to go before the Judiciary committee on 19 January.  To say I am astounded would be a gross understatement.  This is really happening. I made this happen. Wow.

HB 8

Delegate Washington


Changing the prohibition against using electronic mail with the intent to harass to prohibit engaging in electronic communication with the intent to harass; changing the defined term “electronic mail” to “electronic communication” and altering the definition; and establishing penalties for a second or subsequent violation of the Act.

EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2012 CR, § 3-805 – amended Assigned to: Judiciary


                                  1:00 P.M.

  HB 4      Del Cardin, et    Baltimore County - Orphans' Court Judges -
            al                Qualifications
  HB 8 Del Washington Crimes - Electronic Communication - Harassment
  HB 39     Del Smigiel       State and Local Govt - Officials and General
                              Assembly Mbrs - Legislative Privilege Exception

  NOTE:  To Be Announced.
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  1. J!

     /  January 11, 2012

    As I have stated on various occasions, you are GREAT and you have been placed here, on this planet and at this time, to do GREATER THINGS THAN YOU HAVE YET TO IMAGINE!!!!!!!!! 🙂 You are gaining an understanding of this through your efforts to be great in the things that you have passion for.

    Carry on and know that we are growing with you!!! 🙂


  2. blackelkgrrl

     /  January 11, 2012

    Thanks for this information. I didn’t know where to find it until your site showed up in the search engine results. But, there is something that I think you should mention (or at least consider lobbying for). It’s the definition of “electronic communication”. I really suggest that MD General Assembly uses every opportunity to broaden that definition to include electronic signals and electromagnetic interference. The main reason is that stalking has been taken to a new level that goes beyond computer devices. People are now using radio signals to disrupt 911 communications. They are light (which is on the electronmagnetic spectrum) to harass people. I’ve read horror stories about the use of directed energy weapons on civilians. I really didn’t want to give my identity out for fear that I would be identified and ridiculed, but, this has happened to me and my family. Just for your reference, here’s a link to a similiar bill that was proposed in another state –

    I’m saying this because people are now getting more sophisticated with stalking tactics and they may move beyond the computer, to doing something of this nature to you or your loved ones (as has happened to me). I hope you can speak out for the rest of us that are hiding in fear. God bless you.



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