Enter the Government

I’ve been drafting a bill to propose new legislation that would make it a crime for people to harass and stalk others online – this includes impersonating someone online “with the intent to [harass/alarm/annoy]” (CR-3803). The research I have done so far has revealed many holes in the current legislation, so my bill proposes to close those holes and provide protection to victims of this harassment.

I contacted my State’s Senator and requested a meeting. Into the belly of the beast go I.

I can expect a reply in 2-4 weeks – Senators are busy people, after all. But that’s just fine with me. The better prepared I am to ask for support of my bill, the better my chances of getting the support.

In the meantime, Trooper has contacted the police in my stalker’s town. He is going to ask them to pay my stalker a visit and order him to leave me alone. If they don’t agree to help, he is going to contact the State police and ask them. I can’t imagine that any law enforcement official would deny this request…then again, law enforcement officials have been less than upstanding thus far.

The past two days have been crushing. I’ve cried a lot and have felt utterly hopeless. Slowly I am regaining my desire to fight. The request to my Senator was a big step. It proved to me that I possess an ember of hope.

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  1. AS

     /  October 19, 2011

    I’m following all of your blog posts, but on my phone and haven’t been able to post. Please keep the updates coming. This is definitely a study in the legal system. It’s a shame this is happening because of your own experience, but I have no doubt you are the one to do it!



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