County police didn’t do their job

When this nightmare started almost two years ago, I did the first thing all victims are encouraged to do – I called the police. At 2 AM, with my children sleeping upstairs, an officer arrived at my home. He looked down on me and my distress when I asked for help because my ex-boyfriend was threatening to post nude pictures of me online and said, “there’s nothing I can do.” When I went to a local precinct the next day and sat down with an officer, I received the same disinterested, “There’s nothing the police can do” response to my plea for help.  Finally, after leaving messages, sending an email and filing a formal report, I had hoped someone could help me. It seemed that Officer G-, the County officer who took my report, might be able to do something. He didn’t. He, as did all the others, dismissively said, “There’s nothing I can do.” I gave up trying. No one would help me. I was exhausted from calling lawyers, District Attorneys, hotlines, sending emails, leaving messages. I was ashamed and thoroughly helpless.

On 19 September of this year, when my stalker began harassing me again, I immediately went to another local precinct. I was calmer, less panicked and ready to fight. I was scared, yes, but able to abate my tears and compose myself. When I walked into the sunny, high-ceilinged lobby, of the police station, behind the desk was Officer G- from last year. He remembered my case, I remembered him.   And I was absolutely sure he’d take me seriously and do something this time. This time he would protect and serve.

To his credit Officer G- made a feeble attempt to find a crime my stalker committed. He even called out his supervisor who thumbed through the Crimes Index book (not the real name, but you get the idea) and sighed heavily, one can only guess his sighs were due to the inconvenience I was inflicting upon his morning.

This time, they both looked at me and agreed that there was no crime committed. That there was nothing they could do.

They were wrong.

After meeting with the State Trooper from the Computer Crimes Unit on Monday, I learned that my stalker had committed at least three misdemeanors, one with several counts, each carrying a jail sentence.

But there is nothing I can do.

The 1-year statute of limitations for misdemeanors had passed.  My stalker is going to get away with the harassment again because that damn county cop didn’t do his job a year ago. None of them did.

How is it possible that a county law enforcement office is unaware of a state law enforcement unit?  Why didn’t one of those men suggest I contact the State police? Why didn’t one of them contact the State police?

The answer is simple. None of them did their jobs.  And because of their complacency, I have to dwell in fear and anxiety.

Luckily, my Trooper isn’t giving up on me. He is going to talk to the State’s Attorney Monday and ask if a judge might waive the statute of limitations because I did try to get help. He is also going to research other possible crimes that we can charge my stalker with. It’s a very comforting feeling to finally have someone in law enforcement on my side, working for me.

In the meantime, on my Trooper’s advice, I unblocked my stalker from my email accounts in the hopes that he contacts me. Then we can establish a pattern of harassing behavior. What I’m really hoping for is for him to issue a death threat because then the feds can go after him.

Perhaps the most bizarre moments in recent weeks have been when friends and family have sincerely, earnestly said to me, “I hope you get your death threat!”

I hope so, too.

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