The State Police Have Arrived

Oh, me of little faith…however warranted the having of little faith is, I must say a small mia culpa.

12 days after leaving a message, I received a very apologetic return call from a Sergeant in the State Police Computer Crimes Unit (SPCCU) today.

“Clearly,” he stated confidently after I gave him a quick down-and-dirty of the events of the past 21 months, “you’ve been harassed.” Typically a comment like that would receive a snarky reply from me along the lines of, “no shit,” but he wasn’t being condescending. Sergeant SPCCU was confirming that I have a clear case of harassment. And that he would get an officer to work my case.

I have a case. A Sergeant in the Computer Crimes Unit of the State Police acknowledged that I have a case.

This is tremendous.

He promised an officer will contact me tomorrow.

With all good news, though, there has to be a taint – he reminded me that this State is very liberal (which I never considered a bad thing until now) and as such, the computer crimes laws are not very strict. For example, child pornography is a misdemeanor in this State.

A misdemeanor. Sergeant SPCCU didn’t hide his disgust. Neither did I.

I am ashamed to admit that I never paid much attention to local elections.  Politics has never been of any interest to me. And, as the story often goes, it is not until I need politics and politicians to help me that I am becoming interested. Very interested. So, in the interest of my new interest I will find out who my local senator/representative is and get in touch with that person.

Watch me go.

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  1. DeliaV

     /  October 7, 2011

    A Trooper will be here at 12 on Monday to talk about my case! He seems sympathetic and interested in building a solid case. Fingers crossed!



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